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Mind your Mental Health - One Stop Platform

Suicidal Thoughts ?
Depression ?
Mentally Disturbed ?
Need Help ?

Psychological Counseling

Special Needs

How it Works ?

Register and give online assessment. Assessment will help us broadly identify your issues.

Two psychologist will be assigned to you who will call you and understand your issue and generate report. This is to ensure that there is least human error.

Finally Our Expert Psychologist will do assessment and provide therapy and final report will be generated with therapy details.

After 15 days we will review progress and final action plan will be prepared.

At 24x7 Health Protect We Provide Confidentiality

What you Say in Here ..Stays in Here.

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Welcome !

24X7 Health Protect

24x7healthprotect is a place where we have team of Top Psychologist and Psychiatrist. 

We are experts in mental health issues counseling and Special needs of Children and Adults.

At 24x7HealthProtect, We are powerful team who looks after each area of mental health and ensure our client are satisfied with our counseling sessions.  

Dr. Mamta Jain

Gold Medalist PhD(Psychology)

Founder – Chief Psychologist & Special Educator

Adesh Jain - Founder
Dr. Mamta Jain - Co-Founder
Jaideep Banerjee -Co-Founder
Srinath Kumar

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