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Some of Our FREE Services

We at 24x7 Health Protect is offering various FREE and low cost services exclusively for the Health Care Communities. Our Vision is to make available best of Healthcare services at affordable cost to All.

Free Appointment Scheduling
Free Local Assistance
Free Doctor Consultancy @ Top Hospital
Fly Hyderabad-Free Stay
Free Appointment Scheduling

Don’t worry. We are here to get you the appointment. We will assist you getting the appointment at best of hospital and best of doctor. Leave it to us.

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Free Local Assistance

Don’t worry. Book a flight to hyderabad. We are  here to take care everything yes at no extra cost. We will assist you in all your healthcare needs and guide you to choose the right doctor, right…

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Free Doctor Consultancy @ Top Hospital

Why worry ? Get your consultancy fees paid by us. We are determined to take care of your health. Apart from free stay at hyderabad , we offer free doctor consultancy at the Top hospital of Hyderabad.…

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Fly Hyderabad-Free Stay

Fly Hyderabad – Hyderabad is now one of the fastest growing medical hub in India offering best of medical facilities at reasonable cost. Major concern for all of us is getting the right stay , home like…

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Unique Features & Services Only at 24x7

We are into Healthcare -Offering unique Services & Features with a vision of Healthy Nation by 2020

Personal Health Records

For Individuals - Register & Host your Health Records - Share it with your Doctors, Dietitian, Diabetes Educator and Grant Permission to View / Edit your Records.

School Health Smart

For Schools - Parents / Staff and Students - Complete Health Solution for Schools. Exclusive panel for Admin / Staff / Parents. For Safety of your Kids.

Virtual Clinic

Virtual Online Clinic for Doctors and Other Health Professionals. Exclusive dashboards for Doctors , Dietitian , Diabetes Educators & Nutritionist. Share and View records of your patients, Give expert advice and online consultancy.

Online Labs - Book your Test

Connect to thousands of Diagnostic Labs , Book your lab tests get your Test results online at your home. Special Home Services.

Hospital Connect

Connect to hospital of your choice - See their doctors - Check appointment. Exclusive panel for Hospitals to Add Department / Doctors / Appointments.

Health Representative

Request us, Our Health Representative will be at your Door to Solve your problems, Help you to guide and support you and to deliver you your requirement.

For Patients & Individual- Exclusive Dashboard

Fly Hyderabad-Free Stay

  • Diabetes Patient Dashboard
  • Diabetes Educator Consultancy
  • Nutrition Educator Consultancy
  • Get Knowledge Assessment
  • Get Foot care Education
  • Get Educated about your Meal Plan
  • Get Educate about your Exercise needs
  • Get Educated about your Stress Management
  • Get Educated about Insulin Adjustment/Management
  • Share your records to your doctor exclusively
  • Get Health Product at Special Discount
  • Renewal of Membership on Same Price every year
  • Refer and Earn

Fly Hyderabad-Free Stay

Fly Hyderabad-Free Stay

Exclusive Dashboard with complete health information. Keep your  records Intact. We ensure each and every details of your health is well maintained.

Education is very important – It helps you to maintain your sugar level and give insight of what diabetes is and how you can with little effort maintain your life healthy and happy. Our Diabetes Educator will take care of this and ensure you are updated and well educated.
Eating Right is Mantra to keep your sugar under control. Often we find we are in dilemma as to what to eat and what  not to eat. Lets leave it to our expert who will guide you on this.
Regular Assesment is important part to fight diabetes. It will keep you confident and boost up and help you fight your diabetes with ease.
Foot education is very important. Often many who are having diabetes ignore their foot. Do not worry when we are here. 24×7 Health protect is there to take care of your foot.
Meal Plan – Never thought this can be of utmost important. Your meal planning is very important to combat diabetes.
Exercise – We all know exercise is very important for all – But often we take it not seriously, Guided exercise plan is important for each individual depending on the health.
Stress – Can it be managed ? Yes ofcourse – Often uncontrolled sugar is due to stress. Managing your stress can be effective to keep your sugar under control.
Insulin Management / Administration – Do you know how to manage your insulin – When to increase dose and when to decrease ? Our expert will educate you on this.
Share your health records – After some time we find that health records have piled up. Unorganized and often when we want we do not find it. No worries you can keep your record intact as well you can share it with your doctors and health professionals and get expert advice.
Discounts – Yes get discounts on health products and devices.- We have it all and special price for you.
Renew your membership at the same price year and again.
Refer and earn various healthcare services. Our aim is to keep you healthy and happy , not only you, your pocket as well.

For Doctors & Other Health Professionals

Fly Hyderabad-Free Stay

  • Family Buddy For Year
  • Renewal with same Price
  • Branding & Publicity
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Give Expert Advice & Get Paid
  • Exclusive Panel
  • View Patients Record Online
  • Assist via Email
  • Generate Local Leads
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Advice Online your Patient

Fly Hyderabad-Free Stay


Every home requires one specialist doctors – For Old patient someone might need Orthopedic , for growing child someone might need Nutritionist or if female is pregnant she might need gynecologist – Family Buddy is innovative concept when like problem patient are connected to one specialist.

As year passes by we promise to keep the renewal price same for each and every professional joining us. Yes unlike other websites we are not offering any services for free – We believe quality matters. We need less number of professional but we are focussed more on Quality.
As we grow, we ensure all who are associated with us grow too. All panelist doctors and professionals are part of our team for whom we will take utmost care to brand and spread to the community and people.
As social media is growing no one can avoid now social media. So we ensure that you have your social media presence as well. We grow. You grow. Lets grow together.
Yes. We have exclusive online dashboard – Give your expert advice and paid. We work on both online and offline model. If you are not so computer savvy, no problem we have other ways too.
Yes. Get to see patient records online. Medical records are important for every professional. With patient getting onine, it becomes easy for doctors and professionals to view records and give their expert opinion.
No issues, if your patient is sitting across other side of globe , You can still assist via email and other digital methods.
Yes, we move in the market, connect to people, family and so we do connect them to you as well. So we are your team for generating local leads to you and ensure that your expertise people can use.
Our appointment system is Unique – Try once.
Our patient dasboard is beautiful and exhaustive ,We bet none is so extensive. Try out.
and Many more…This is just a few we can tell…We  have more unique plans…Join Us


Choose the BEST

Consulting right medical expert is half the battle won and trust us we get you to the BEST.

Dr Subhadra Jalali

Vitreo Retinal Specialist

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Dr. Nageshwar Reddy

Chief of Gastroenterology

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Dr.Bipin Sethi

Consultant Endocrinologist

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Dr. Narasimhan

Senior Consultant

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  • Awesome Concept ; innovation into health care ; One Stop Solution for most of the requirement related to Health Care services. Congratulations on being selected in Top 500 by Nasscom in their 10,000 Startup initiative. Keep it up.

  • Innovative Dashboard for Doctors. Easy to use and convenient. Nice to have all solutions into one place. We require such platform which provides all services under one umbrella.